Vinarija Pajić

Phase I

Vineyard Care

Vineyard workers and guards regularly visit the vineyards throughout the year and take care of each berry which will end up in a wine of “Pajic” Winery.

Vinarija Pajić

Phase II


The right timing for the harvest is essential if you want to produce a wine of a certain type and quality. The harvest should neither take place too early nor too late. The harvesting process lasts through August and September, and it is about several very hard days when there is no difference if it is day or night – grapes are picked 24 hours a day.

Vinarija Pajić

Phase III


Crushing includes de-stemming and separating even 95% of the whole uncrushed berries, which then pass through rubber rollers squeezing them gently enough just to break the skin, but not smush them, thus preventing extraction of harmful substances into wine.

Vinarija Pajić

Phase IV


A closed type of a pneumatic press serves to perform a quality maceration (softening by soaking) before pressing a pure must, and then filtering the wine while getting a substantial reproduction without pressure. In this way we get such a must which later makes premium wines.

Vinarija Pajić

Phase V

Storing and Aging

After fermentation white wines are stored in inox tanks, where they mature, and later on get prepared for bottling. Red wines age in wooden barrique barrels, which are replaced for every new harvest and imported from different places in Serbia, Croatia and France.

Vinarija Pajić

Phase VI


Before bottling, our wine goes through special micro filters which cause no harm to it, while preventing infiltration of even the smallest microorganisms into a bottle. All of our wines are packed in 0.75 l bottles, except Kasna Berba (The Late Harvest) which is packed in a 0.375 l bottle.